Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gangster and Mafia in 1920s

If you talk about the mafia, the first name that come to the mind is some crazy movie that the mafia own illegal business and killing people without mercy. Mafia during the 1920s were just like that. The reason why mafia came up with more power because of the prohibition during that period of time. The most influence, dangerous, and famous mafia during that time was Al Capone. Al Capone was an Italian mafia who attempted several murder. He did a lot of murders, however, the polices could not arrest him at all. At last, he finally got arrested, but not for the murder, but for the illegal tax avoiding.

There were some other gangs during the 1920s. Most of them located nationwide, however, mainly at Chicago. In Chicago, it was like a mafia war between gang on the alcohol smuggling. Al Capone had been seen as one of the major problem for the FBI and the local polices.

He was named as the Scarface.

Prohibition was the reason that made the mafia to power. That was why many people say that Prohibition was a failure in 1920s.

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